Apex Industrial Site Could Become Hotbed of North Las Vegas Economy

By | September 20, 2016

John Lee Apex North Las VegasWalking around the sunbaked construction site of the Apex industrial park, you won’t see much but soil. Fortunately, soil is exactly what you need for a project to blossom and bear fruit. When North Las Vegas Assistant City Manager Ryann Juden looks at the site, he sees opportunity and very real progress.

“Very quickly, things are coming together out there,” Juden told Vegas Inc in a recent interview. He spoke with them about how grading is proceeding and the Faraday Future concrete slab will be poured soon, but more importantly what the site means to North Las Vegas. With Faraday Future and other companies literally and figuratively tilling the soil at Apex, the city could soon see new businesses sprouting up.

How Faraday Future and Mayor John Lee Helped Plant the Seeds to North Las Vegas’ Success

When Tesla built its massive battery factory near Reno, they “put the state on the map,” says Juden. Now, Faraday Future has helped create the same effect in Southern Nevada.

“It absolutely has generated a ton of interest,” Juden revealed to Vegas Inc. “In fact, the mayor and the city manager just returned from a trip to China, where they had several meetings with businesses interested in locating here.” Juden notes that one of the prospects even came to the city for several meetings with local and state government representatives.

Part of the city’s appeal is that there is simply space for businesses and the prospect of growth. Much of the area around North Las Vegas may be sparsely developed, but that leaves carte blanche for businesses with the need for a wide footprint. North Las Vegas is located near several major interstates and railroads, not to mention being just a few hours from the Port of Los Angeles.

Most importantly, the area is not congested with other industrial operations. Businesses have room to grow and flex their creativity within the almost unlimited confines of places like Apex industrial park. For these reasons, many businesses were already looking in  Southern Nevada for opportunities. As Juden points out: “There was a study by the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance that said at the time — and this was done in 2015 — in the previous 12 months, there have been 122 businesses representing over 18,000 jobs expressing interest in Southern Nevada, but they had to look elsewhere because there was not suitable industrial land for development.”

How Reclaiming Water Permit Authority Helps NLV and Area Businesses

One of the most critical elements contributing to the area’s promising economic outlook is the City regaining  full authority to issue water permits. Previously, the permit process would take several months for final approval or rejection. The simplified process of other cities and counties served as a model to NLV when trying to increase the appeal of the city.,At full occupancy, the Apex industrial park has the potential to add  more than 100,000 jobs, directly, indirectly and through induced economic conditions, according to a Brookings Mountain West study.