Nevadans Watch Faraday Future’s Leading-Edge FF 91 Reveal at CES

By | January 13, 2017

Mayor John Lee raised a slight smile as he picked out a parking spot in the crowded Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot. A Faraday Future demonstrator then exits his futuristic vehicle and watches as it navigates the rows of cars in search of the right spot. It finds it, and delicately backs in.

This triumphant moment was just the start of the feats of the newly revealed FF 91. Footage from earlier testing showed it racing against a Bentley, Ferrari and Tesla Model X …and won. Accelerating from 0 to 60 in just 2.39 seconds, the FF 91 demonstrated the might of its 1050 hp all-electric platform.

The FF 91 reveal came as a huge payoff after years of work and a few tense months of nail-biting. With a successful prototype under their belt, Faraday Future will resume construction on their $1 billion production facility in North Las Vegas’ Apex Industrial Park. When complete, the company will begin sharing its vision with 4,500 new full-time employees hailing from the city that helped build its new home.

A Glittering Star Even in a Crowded Convention Hall

The Consumer Electronics Show attracts 170,000 attendees from all walks of life. This event draws industry professionals, third-party consultants, journalists and self-professed fanatics from all corners of the globe.

While much of the hype surrounding CES is relegated to the latest high resolution television  and health gadgets, Faraday Future’s promised reveal of a working prototype had everyone talking about cars. Nevadans and North Las Vegas citizens in particular eagerly awaited Monday’s 7:30 p.m. demonstration of what would soon become Faraday Future’s first production model.

What they saw was well worth the wait.

Rolling down a specially designed indoor runway, the FF 91 dazzled reporters and onlookers with its sleek, forward-thinking design. Sharp angles contrasted with sweeping curves to create a symphony of intriguing surfaces. As the press snapped hundreds of photos, everyone in attendance was sure of one thing: this was a car unlike any they had seen before.

Aside from its stunning good looks, the FF 91 also had a myriad of tricks up its sleeve. Videos showed testing against some of the most praised vehicles on the planet, and a live feed demonstrated the potential of the vehicle’s autonomous systems to the world.

“We are witnessing Day One in a new era of mobility,” declared vice president of research Nick Sampson. He and prominent Faraday Future backer Jia Yueting expounded on the FF 91’s abilities and how they surpass anything the auto market had ever seen. They promised that the final production FF 91 would have a 378 mile range and be capable of driving itself within just a few years. These groundbreaking goals are par for the course within a company that intends to reinvent the way we look at cars forever.

“Despite all of the naysayers and the skeptics, we will persist,” Sampson said. “We will carry on to make the impossible possible.”

No one could have been more pleased with the successful reveal than North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee. His plan to bring Faraday Future to the Apex Industrial Park included  $335 million in tax incentives but will provide high-salary jobs and the hope of restoring economic prosperity to the city.