70,000 Square Foot Movie Theater Planned for Downtown North Las Vegas

By | February 27, 2017

North Las Vegas Movie Theatre

Plans to add glitz and glamour to downtown North Las Vegas are coming to fruition. Maya Cinemas North America, Inc., has purchased a 32-acre parcel across the street from City Hall and the Silver Nugget Casino. The vacant lot was purchased for $7.1 million on Monday, February 13, according to property records.

Maya Cinemas has made no official announcement for how they plan to develop the sizeable parcel, but concept drawings of a massive, 70,000 square foot movie theater complex have been seen by city officials. The complex includes additional retail space= for restaurants and shops.

Mayor John Lee was thrilled with the news. “That’s definitely a prime piece of real estate for the interior of North Las Vegas,” he told the Review Journal. “We don’t have a traditional downtown, so it will give people more of a reason to come into this part of the city.”

If completed, the complex would fit within a proposed retail and housing district called Lake Mead Village West designed to revitalize downtown North Las Vegas. This district developed as a part of Mayor John Lee’s and city officials’ vision of a more beautiful and prosperous downtown.

Final Plans for Downtown North Las Vegas Movie Theater Pending

Maya Cinemas has yet to confirm final plans for the recently purchased parcel that city officials describe as a massive movie theatre complex ,. CEO Moctesuma Esparza, who has also helped produce Hollywood films like “Selena” and “Gettysburg,” has stated that initial reports of the complex were “just a couple of weeks too early,” adding that, “we’re not ready to make any announcement.”

While the city awaits an official application of development plans, North Las Vegas director of economic and business development Gina Gavin was able to shed some light on the discussions that took place during negotiations.

“The investors want to carry the movie experience into the commercial area,” Gavan revealed to the Review Journal. She also hinted that 20,000 square feet or more of commercial development could accompany the theater complex as well as an “additional element” the city was not ready to reveal.

If the final development plans are approved by the North Las Vegas Planning Commission and City Council, construction could start as early as the end of this year.

Downtown Theater Part of Mayor John Lee’s Vision for North Las Vegas

Before the 32-acre lot was purchased by Maya Cinemas, it sat vacant for years. A 350,000 square foot retail complex dubbed “Las Flores” was rumored, but the project failed to materialize.

With the new proposed theater in the works and the Lake Mead Village West plans underway, downtown North Las Vegas could get the image refresh it needs to attract consumers, professionals, businesses and other developers.
“There is a lot of activity happening in downtown and behind the scenes,” expressed Gavan. “This is going to be a great catalytic project to gain developer confidence.”