Faraday Future Approved for Apex Rail Spur in North Las Vegas

By | August 30, 2016

In April, Mayor John Lee joined several others for the official groundbreaking of Faraday Future’s $1 billion electric vehicle plant The event made possible by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada’s board of directors approving a right-of-way agreement to begin building a railway spur into the main Apex Industrial Park site.

This agreement allows the Commission to begin the process of building the four-mile railway spur through Clark County. Faraday Future will take responsibility for constructing the remainder of the spur, which will allow for the transport of goods to and from the company’s 300 million square foot manufacturing facility.

The Apex railway spur project is currently in the design phase, with a target completion date in  late 2018. Faraday Future received a grading permit from the North Las Vegas Public Works Department in July, allowing construction of the plant to begin.

Railway Spur Approval Brings Faraday Future Plant Closer to Reality

When Chinese-backed electric vehicle company Faraday Future agreed to build their massive manufacturing plant in the North Las Vegas desert, they praised the property’s close location to major shipping routes via highway and rail. The site would allow Faraday Future to quickly receive raw materials and ship out completed product to the nearby Los Angeles harbor through existing rail routes..

The vision of rapid transport is one step closer to fruition. Heavy equipment will begin grading the 900 acre Faraday Future site , as a special team from the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada will be hard at work designing the site’s railway spur.

The design must meet structural engineering and drainage requirements as well as the possibility for future expansion while following  local, state and federal regulations. Once completed a final  draft will be presented to both the RTC board and Faraday Future for approval. .

RTC Deputy General Manager , Fred Ohene, noted that costs and impact scope for the project were still being calculated. After plans are finalized, he expects construction to begin some time next year.

An Oasis in the North Las Vegas Desert, Says Mayor John Lee

Mayor John Lee has been hard at work since he first began to court Faraday Future. . His efforts assisted in getting  the project off the ground which included  a $215 million tax incentive for the company approved by the Nevada assembly in a special session.

In addition, Mayor Lee as pivotal in the reinstatement of an agreement allowing the city of North Las Vegas to supply water to the Faraday Future site. As well as negotiating an agreement to deal allow the company to lease office space within City Hall for $64,047 per year. The office will house 30 employees within the 2,885 square foot space. .

When complete, the Faraday Future plant will provide jobs for  4,500 full-time employees. Under the company’s agreement with the city, half of those jobs must be filled by Nevada residents.