Mayor John Lee Stands Behind Effort to Revitalize Downtown North Las Vegas

Plans are currently underway to  replace much of the urban blight that has plagued downtown North Las Vegas  with new commercial space, public facilities and entertainment venues. The biggest portion of the intended transformation will take place on 160-acres of land between I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard. Those designing the proposed project named “Lake Mead… Read More »

Mayor John Lee Adds 79 Full-Time City Jobs to 2016–2017 Budget

In a victory for the city of North Las Vegas, Mayor John Lee’s proposed budget was passed adding 79 full-time jobs to service the city. Of the positions being added, 50 will be directly supported by the city general fund. The remainder will be funded through various other sources that include redevelopment agency support, the… Read More »

Mayor John Lee Succeeds in Plan to Add ‘North Las Vegas’ to CSN Campus Name

College of Southern Nevada’s Cheyenne Campus could be officially changing its name to “College of Southern Nevada, North Las Vegas Campus,” according to a unanimous decision of the Community College Committee of the Nevada Board of Regents. The six-person committee helps make critical decision regarding funding, strategy and direction for state-supported colleges like CSN. North… Read More »

Mayor John Lee Prepares North Las Vegas for the ‘’Next Tesla’

Smiling at the press and onlookers during the groundbreaking of Faraday Future’s landmark $1 billion production facility, Mayor John Lee almost looked as if he was squinting into the bright future for his city, not the Nevada desert sunlight. The groundbreaking signified the start of construction for the 3 million square foot electric car manufacturing… Read More »

NLV Mayor John Lee Played a Key Role in Faraday Deal

With a $1 billion facility encompassing 3 million square feet and providing 4,500 jobs, the Faraday Future manufacturing facility seems quite real since its groundbreaking. However, there was a time in the not-too-distant past when the proposed plant’s design was not a fully fledged concept, merely an idea. Few people had even heard of soon-to-be… Read More »

North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee Offers Veterans a Second Chance

When people bravely volunteer to fight for our country and put themselves at risk, they do not always get the warm reception and community support they need when they return home. Tragically, over 45,000 U.S. military veterans are estimated to be homeless at any given time, 12,000 of which participated in the recent Iraqi war.… Read More »

Mayor John Lee Has Hewn Down NLV Deficit by Over $100M

Mayor John Lee delivered glowing news about the North Las Vegas’ financial outlook for the future during his annual State of the City a few months back, and it seems that many of the hopes he had then are already coming to fruition. This buoyant tone stands in stark contrast to the much more somber… Read More »